Autumn Freedom

A crisp breeze~ wind rattles the bones
from a log cabin, front porch
Miniscule, yet majestic, as gold and crimson
rustle along an uncut ground;
No need for the excess, just lyrics
and thoughts of yesteryear

Autumn brings its freedom~ rings
true for the liberty of all beasts
They forgot about the natives,
and their clarion call for nature's path
Don't clear the brush, it's made that way for a reason
Overgrown, with the seeds of the past;
perhaps we'll return there one day,
with the freedom that Autumn displays

Gray Meadows Cemetery

Della May and Zera K.
buried among the meadows of gray
Death now holds their bodies of old~

spirit soared
soul no more

Yet there, at night,
when the wind does howl
and the mist sits among the graven rows
Della May and Zera K.
float between the shadowed groves;

and if you listen, harken your ear just right,
their moans and groans will give you fright!
For the ground cannot fully contain,
the ghosts of Della May and Zera K.


Slipped, into a dream-like state,
amongst the crowd of lust and hate
Stepped across the threshold of lore
Stumbled straight through hell's front door

Here we are, my kin and I,
thrust amongst the slavish and unkind
My mind, my own, yet still here in the dark;
feeling I must've missed the inter-dimensional mark


Will you give it your all?
Fight to the death when you hear his call?
It's up to us; Thanos almost has the final stone,
and he is coming for us all
With the snap of his finger, life will dissolve

Will you pledge your loyalty to the sacredness of the earth?
Will you join the fellowship, and climb that last hill of molten ash,
striving and heaving, until your last breath,
to toss that ring into the fires of Mordor?

Will you love your fellow earthworm and plant;
pig and goat; cow and chicken; rabbit and turtle to the last?
Will you, for the sake of the generations to come?
I hope so, because we are in the endgame now

What to do?
Take a stab at the corporate hag
Stop eating their fake food and drag
your lazy ass to the front lines of war
Do you really need to buy more toys?
It's time to take extreme measures,
that's why I stopped eating animals for pleasure
Kill two birds with one stone;
do we really need all that we have stowed?
Stop the madness, fight the fight
and put an end to evil and strife

Take up arms! Fight! Fight!
Let us all unite
and leave a smidge for the rest of life


You think I'm extreme because I don't watch tv
because I don't eat animals
because I help turtles off dangerous roads
because I don't work for the corporation
because I hate money
because I don't go on shopping binges
because I don't believe the media hype
because I'm a female that didn't birth children
You think I'm extreme because I don't know
what's going on in pop culture
because I don't care what you think
If that's extreme, then I feel sorry for you
You, are nothing but an unenlightened fool!

Stop the Madness

No more excuses, this is it
time to break free from the clique;
stop the madness that procreates,
time to diminish the human race

Kill, destroy, consume, resume~
that's all you know how to do
Piously praising the invisible;
never lifting a finger to the physical

Slice and dice; kill it twice
Torture, mutilate; war, desolates
Give birth to the next generation
before we've dealt with the nations

Overrun, on the run
animal life, almost done
Boredom is dangerous
your crimes are heinous

Traffic lights
Construction dust
Turtles crushed
Plant life smushed

Can't you sense, I'm on my knees?
Begging please (if not for me do it for the trees)
Please, Oh please, stop this madness
let us end this awful mess!

Beautiful Music

Crystal clear, like ringing a bell
bow to strings, make me well~

dust flies
fingers collide
aged ebony
nimble time

Elegant sound; parchment and ink
notes explode, make me think
I ponder upon simpler days,
and think to myself, 'What beauty music does make'

Sliver of Night

A chip, 

a tiny miniscule of light, dispatches itself to my aid

that I may be outlined in a sliver of silver and gray

A curtain, a blanket, no!

Only a droplet of indigo and white mixed

with a moon that howls and moans~

I pray for highlighted clouds, to outline my dreams,

that I might sleep the sleep of midnight’s eternity

Originally published at Sudden Denouement

I disappear

Sometimes I disappear,
only to reappear in some obscure corner
of the world; surrounded by tyrants and extortioners
I rail against the gears, only to find they've
caught my arm sleeve in a wheel;
dragging me behind as I scream and skirt the borders

Sometimes I fade into the background,
only to find myself thrust into the limelight once again
by all those motherhens, pecking at my feet to make me dance;
it's a confrontative tango I loathe but will frolic when necessary

Behind enemy lines I crawl on my belly,
while fat slobs lie in their recliners, jiggling like jelly
No, don't bother to get up and help cut the wires;
just maintain your status quo, while we do all the hard work
Lie back and tell yourself everything's okay,
while the earth rusts away; rotting from the inside out
It's all good though, because the sun knows a secret~
with its pent up heat, awaiting to be unleashed

Goodbye my sweet,
goodbye my love;
says your god from above
where he sits without a care;
never lifting a finger, nor hair
Goodbye, goodbye, to this ill-fated world...


Take me back to a simpler time
when life was made to rhyme,
with the innocence of not knowing~
a time when reason didn't explain everything away
or boil everything down to a scientific equation

Oh, how I long for a time of innocence!
~when nothing need make sense or demanded recompense
The only appointment was to live in the moment
and take heed of the passage of time~
when all life forms, at the close of day,
laid their head to rest, with little dismay