Heart-Shaped Chewing Gum

Perfectly formed and pressed, like an ironed shirt,
the heated concrete its iron
Heart-shaped goo, molded, as from a child's play-doh toy
One lone sneaker imprint stamped within~
the mark of someone's inattentiveness;
nonetheless, it's handiwork proudly displayed
Shaped into a symbol of hope, for all the world to see,
though none seemed to recognize, but me


Reconnected with a lost love,
I'd strayed into an extreme state
of childhood bliss; lost innocence to poverty
and parental discord~
it took years to find that voice again,
only to discover time cannot be made up so easily

Watching the World Pass By

Jade peaks, trowelled,
ground to dust by blunt objects;
shiny, pointy, deadly tools
Power lines hum, as tiny hairs,
prickle with electric sensations~
the vibrations of progress, numb the soul

Blurred traffic lines, zoom past;
lights and horns blare insults,
to the simplistic mind
Harried faces, wrinkled in disgust;
frown lines; patterned foreheads,
in a mad dash for meaningless destinations
as the wall, barrels down upon them

Behind the Mask

The great pretender, behind the mask,
without a doubt, a terrible foe~
everywhere they lurk, to and fro,
as they scan for victims among the ether

Has everyone been infected?
My brothers and sisters, injected?
A doppleganger, I believe I've detected!

Be careful! Watch out!
He's a liar, with a bad haircut
She's a marauder! Two-faced defrauder!

I fear they've all been sent to lie,
by gangsters that seek to interrupt and spy
Their intent is clear; to corrupt and smear

So be ever watchful and on alert,
for their goal is to create havoc and hurt~
the evil among us, that run amok


Emotions, feelings, the state of flow
where everything is sifted through the soul,
like wheat, in the mill, churning and turning
into something that resembles a human

Don't let it end, don't pretend;
never let them tell you to stop,
for what are we, without the turmoil?
The lifeblood, that sifts through the Romantic's veins

"To feel is to exist, and our feelings
come most incontestably before our thoughts."
~Jean-Jacques Rousseau


The woods call to me~
with their winds, like violin rhythms,
sing to my soul, the sweetness of the air
The grasses woo me, with their green,
as far as my eyes can see; where I wish to be,
with nature~ apart from society

The woods call to me~
with their creatures, great and small,
one and all beckon me to stay,
far away from the fray;
a place to name as my own,
where nothing can extinguish its simplicity

Light and Dark

Yin and Yang?

Whatever it may be, there must be both

Moments of light, filtered through hints of dark~

I’m not negative, only realistic

Joy breaks through only while in creative flow

or viewing a mountain peak;

yet my life is here among the dreary

Why so gloom? When you have all you need?

I know the answer, yet you are not ready to accept,

so I’ll keep on urging you to admit the flaws

and fight to protect, natural laws

Then you’ll be able to see the summit more clearly,

and the negative will only creep in, ever so small

Efficient Killing Machines

With knife and fork,
they slice and dice the innocent ~
no light of day, only a lonely den,
held your former friend, til' 
plucked from a scorching, hot pen to meet their end

With backhoe and dump truck,
they cut and mow -
I'm sure many a bird was knocked from grace
and the earthworm murdered by a destructive rake

With their rifles and automatic weaponry;
tanks and bombs, follow the trajectory,
to obliterate the race -
gases burn their eyes with its blinding mace

With their fancy cars and clunkers alike,
they crush the bones of animals out taking a hike
Never once do they stop and think,
'my automobile is death for the squirrel,
turtle, fox, and racoon - especially the nocturnal'

They cannot see what they've become-
minds, far too entrenched in technology and phones
Smell that stench?
The cliff's approaching - your undoing is encroaching;
and murder's the same, no matter the species

“It were much better that a sentient being should never have existed, than that it should have existed only to endure unmitigated misery.” ~Percy Bysshe Shelley, A Vindication of Natural Diet

Music in the Soul

Music in the soul, never dies
it's an unquenchable fire -
the sword that is ever unsheathed,
against the foes of life

Music in the soul, never fades
it's an unyielding flame -
a passion that feeds the mind,
and never tires, nor leaves us behind,
to suffer the 'slings and arrows' of misfortune and shame

My Religion

My religion, is poetry -
my mind the church
Where imagination burns,
hotter than a torch

All is well,
where innovation dwells
Here, inside this limitless shell

My mind roams free;
with poetry,
anything, I'll be

No rules, no dogma,
no pastor or priest;
just me and my thoughts;
my pen; my tree

My religion is poetry,
my mind, the church,
where creativity is shaped,
and lyrics, burst forth with haste

Come inside, taste and see,
come and read,
bring your tea

For my religion,
will TRULY, make you free