Beautiful Music

Crystal clear, like ringing a bell
bow to strings, make me well~

dust flies
fingers collide
aged ebony
nimble time

Elegant sound; parchment and ink
notes explode, make me think
I ponder upon simpler days,
and think to myself, 'What beauty music does make'


Sliver of Night

A chip, 

a tiny miniscule of light, dispatches itself to my aid

that I may be outlined in a sliver of silver and gray

A curtain, a blanket, no!

Only a droplet of indigo and white mixed

with a moon that howls and moans~

I pray for highlighted clouds, to outline my dreams,

that I might sleep the sleep of midnight’s eternity

Originally published at Sudden Denouement

I disappear

Sometimes I disappear,
only to reappear in some obscure corner
of the world; surrounded by tyrants and extortioners
I rail against the gears, only to find they've
caught my arm sleeve in a wheel;
dragging me behind as I scream and skirt the borders

Sometimes I fade into the background,
only to find myself thrust into the limelight once again
by all those motherhens, pecking at my feet to make me dance;
it's a confrontative tango I loathe but will frolic when necessary

Behind enemy lines I crawl on my belly,
while fat slobs lie in their recliners, jiggling like jelly
No, don't bother to get up and help cut the wires;
just maintain your status quo, while we do all the hard work
Lie back and tell yourself everything's okay,
while the earth rusts away; rotting from the inside out
It's all good though, because the sun knows a secret~
with its pent up heat, awaiting to be unleashed

Goodbye my sweet,
goodbye my love;
says your god from above
where he sits without a care;
never lifting a finger, nor hair
Goodbye, goodbye, to this ill-fated world...


Take me back to a simpler time
when life was made to rhyme,
with the innocence of not knowing~
a time when reason didn't explain everything away
or boil everything down to a scientific equation

Oh, how I long for a time of innocence!
~when nothing need make sense or demanded recompense
The only appointment was to live in the moment
and take heed of the passage of time~
when all life forms, at the close of day,
laid their head to rest, with little dismay


Place yourself inside my shoes
before you think I've nothing to lose;
toil and work hath wrought my life
mental anguish, ruin and strife
Imagine yourself as I; no more 'eye for an eye'
nor hatred that rains, from a war-torn sky
See me there! Among the flare of bombs and gunfire galore!
(of which I totally abhor)
There's nothing but dust to fill my eyes
parched tears; stifled cries

I am you, you are me; we are the same, you see
Just use your imagination; think long and deep
about the kind of life, you assume I keep
If you could only see me, imagine me as you,
perhaps this world would be a better place,
for you and I...for everyone too...

Heart-Shaped Chewing Gum

Perfectly formed and pressed, like an ironed shirt,
the heated concrete its iron
Heart-shaped goo, molded, as from a child's play-doh toy
One lone sneaker imprint stamped within~
the mark of someone's inattentiveness;
nonetheless, it's handiwork proudly displayed
Shaped into a symbol of hope, for all the world to see,
though none seemed to recognize, but me


Reconnected with a lost love,
I'd strayed into an extreme state
of childhood bliss; lost innocence to poverty
and parental discord~
it took years to find that voice again,
only to discover time cannot be made up so easily

Watching the World Pass By

Jade peaks, trowelled,
ground to dust by blunt objects;
shiny, pointy, deadly tools
Power lines hum, as tiny hairs,
prickle with electric sensations~
the vibrations of progress, numb the soul

Blurred traffic lines, zoom past;
lights and horns blare insults,
to the simplistic mind
Harried faces, wrinkled in disgust;
frown lines; patterned foreheads,
in a mad dash for meaningless destinations
as the wall, barrels down upon them

Behind the Mask

The great pretender, behind the mask,
without a doubt, a terrible foe~
everywhere they lurk, to and fro,
as they scan for victims among the ether

Has everyone been infected?
My brothers and sisters, injected?
A doppleganger, I believe I've detected!

Be careful! Watch out!
He's a liar, with a bad haircut
She's a marauder! Two-faced defrauder!

I fear they've all been sent to lie,
by gangsters that seek to interrupt and spy
Their intent is clear; to corrupt and smear

So be ever watchful and on alert,
for their goal is to create havoc and hurt~
the evil among us, that run amok


Emotions, feelings, the state of flow
where everything is sifted through the soul,
like wheat, in the mill, churning and turning
into something that resembles a human

Don't let it end, don't pretend;
never let them tell you to stop,
for what are we, without the turmoil?
The lifeblood, that sifts through the Romantic's veins

"To feel is to exist, and our feelings
come most incontestably before our thoughts."
~Jean-Jacques Rousseau